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As a digital marketer, there are a lot of changes ahead in the digital space. This DCP playbook will help you stay Data Empowered no matter what the industry throws your way. Join us on this six-chapter journey and walk away with smarter, faster and easier ways to preserve addressability and maximize scale.  

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What does the third-party cookie phase-out really mean? 

It's happening. Google is finally starting to close the lid to the cookie jar, ushering in a significant shift from third-party cookies to... well, what exactly? 

The reality is, it’s time for digital marketers to bid farewell to old-school targeting. The new gold standard? Your first-party data. Uncover its potential by embracing new technologies and platforms, and by diversifying your overall marketing strategies. 

Let’s start with this quick read. It's short, sweet, and cookie-free. 😉

What the Third-Party Cookie Phaseout Really Means

Despite the most recent Google delay, 2024 still marks a pivotal year for digital marketers and advertisers. Navigating the evolving landscape demands a proactive approach for effective marketing.

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What Exactly is a Data Collaboration Platform (DCP)?

Ever heard of the "addressability gap"? As third-party cookies vanish, this challenge becomes more apparent for digital marketers. It’s the gap between what we know about our audience through direct first-party data (such as browser and device data), and those who remain mostly anonymous and harder to reach.

Enter the Data Collaboration Platform (DCP).

It’s not just a tool; it’s your all-in-one solution to bridge the addressability gap. A DCP helps you connect with your audience in more personalized ways through:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Personalization
  • Reach & Enrichment
  • Audience Analytics
  • Activation

Dive into the details and see how a DCP can transform your strategies.

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How can data collaboration preserve addressability and scale? 

It’s crunch time in digital marketing. 🍪➡️🚫 

As third-party cookies exit stage left, it’s showtime for…  first-party data.

Smart marketers are looking for ways to maximize their first-party data generation and activate beyond just their known customers. Check out the below on-demand webinar recording of Beyond Silos: Data Collaboration Strategies for Marketing Success, for key insights on connectivity, analytics and budget preservation

With valuable insights from Advance Local, award-winning journalism and media company, and RE/MAX, the number-one real estate company, we’re not just talking theory; we’re handing you a data collaboration playbook with fresh opportunities to preserve addressability and scale.



How Haymarket Saw 10X Results with Data Collaboration

OMD + Haymarket Automotive + Lotame = 📈 10X impressions, clicks, conversions. No cookies? No problem.

“Easy access to Haymarket’s segmentation in our DSP and having everything handled programmatically was a dream. This is an otherwise very complicated operation for any agency to set up the tech pipes and off-platform invoicing. Working with Haymarket and Lotame proved this type of cross-industry [data] collaboration can and does happen with great success for brands.”
— Managing Partner, OMD - EMEA

Discover the secret sauce behind their success and how you can replicate it, cookie-free.

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How to Evaluate Data Collaboration Platforms  

Cut through the noise with the below Data Collaboration Platform Evaluation Checklist, designed to help digital marketers pinpoint exactly what's needed from a data collaboration partner that's not reliant on third-party cookies. We've ticked off our data collaboration highlights to show you exactly how Lotame stacks up. (Spoiler: we think you'll be impressed.)

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You've seen Lotame’s DCP playbook and proof that it works. Are you ready to take the next Data Empowered step to preserve connectivity and addressability? Lotame’s end-to-end data collaboration platform is empowering digital marketers like you to unite, analyze, and active data for innovation and growth.

Which of these top Lotame customer use cases resonate for you or your team?    

  • Audience Targeting
  • Reach & Enrichment
  • Activation
  • Personalization
  • Audience Analytics

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