With Lotame Data Stream:

You'll gain access to Lotame's big data firehose, an always-on and real-time pipeline of raw behavioral data that can support even the most complex and demanding applications within your business.

Lotame’s Data Stream contains first-party data, third-party data supplied by LDX, Lotame’s Data Exchange, and more to supply you and your business with a deeper, more powerful understanding of your most sought-after consumers.

With data this rich - billions of consumer profiles, each with thousands of behavioral attributes - you can easily support the data needs of your enterprise, such as:

  • Product, content, and media recommendation engines
  • Personalized experiences across your digital properties and more relevant offline messaging
  • Optimization, fraud prevention, and customer attribution modeling
  • Proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and Business Intelligence (BI) applications
  • A single, unified customer view, bridging attributes and behavioral insights from disparate sources
  • Improved research methodology and outcomes with more robust, and insightful consumer sampling

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